Creating simple, authentic typefaces – for you beautiful creative people.

Hi I’m Simon, a self taught type enthusiast and a bit of a type nerd. This is where I release my creations into the wilderness.

Hopefully, with your help, they can thrive.



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banoffee typeface by Simon Stratford

Banoffee font friendly, fun, handwritten

Tuck Shop font by simon Stratford

Tuck shop font dirty, distressed, grunge

Fake Empire font by Simon Stratford

1284720 Fake Empire font dirty, distressed, grunge, headline

mu-th-ur free font by Simon Stratford

MU-TH-UR free font

Circus freak

Circus freak font a chromatic slab serif Display, Retro, Vintage

Lawless font

Lawless font grunge, handwritten, headline

not my type font

Not my type font is a classic typewriter typeface distressed, grunge, Retro, typewriter

Roadhouse Blues font by simon stratford

Roadhouse Blues font handwritten, Retro

Take me to the river a handmade brush font by Simon Stratford

Take me to the river a handmade brush font by Simon Stratford bold, brush, handwritten

Atomic Dustbin brush font by Simon Stratford

Atomic Dustbin font dirty, Display, distressed

Mind the gap

Mind the Gap font grunge, stencil

Munky font

Munky font Clean, Display, fun

Little wonder font

Little wonder font

Mister Rooster font

Mister Rooster font a quirky little beast handwritten

whippin piccadilly font

Whippin Piccadilly font friendly, handwritten

in the wood font

In the wood font handwritten, Vintage

Mr Chumley font

Mr Chumley font inspired by freezer bags fun, handwritten, headline

buckley font


gallow tree font

Gallow Tree

bold riley font

Bold Riley font

thirsty dog

Thirsty Dog typeface dirty, distressed, grunge

Dear Prudence

Dear Prudence Typeface brush, handwritten, sketch

Hitchcut typeface cutout, hitchcock, Saul Bass, Simple

type old writer font

type old writer free font download Antique, free, grunge, monospace, Type Writer, typed, typewriter

Separator Clean, Display, Geometric, headline

Dirty Slab typeface

Dirty Slab typeface aged, dirty, Display, distressed, grunge, letterpress, Retro, Vintage, wood type


Packt typeface aged, decorative, dirty, distressed, rounded


Stitchedup typeface fun, hand sewn

before breakfast

Before Breakfast fun


Airbag Clean, Display, Geometric, headline, Hipster, Magazine, Poster, Retro, Vintage

simon says typeface

Simon Says handwritten font friendly, fun


Distractor bold, grunge, headline, letterpress, rough, wood type


1229218 Drop it ink drip textures

1229218 Drop it ink drip textures

Drop it ink drip textures is not a font. It’s a pack of paint drips and drops that you can use over your hand drawn type. Nothing more annoying that doing a hand drawn lettering design only to ruin it with a misplaced ink droplet—designer problems! Please tell me you’ve been there. I created the […]

Lawless font

Lawless font a handmade slab serif

I started creating Lawless over a year ago, drawing it directly into adobe illustrator. I never finished it owing to the fact that I accidentally deleted the file.

Roadhouse Blues font by simon stratford

955784 Roadhouse Blues font

Roadhouse Blues font is released today. I swore that it would be a while before I created a new script font, but here we are.

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Hello, It’s me Simon and I’m the brains behind this operation, I’ve just gone freelance, but I’ve got over 20 years experience in the design industry.

I’ve worked with companies like Warner Brothers, Fox entertainment, and Disney plus worked on some massive campaigns for The Hobbit, Lord of Rings and Paddington (and a whole bunch more).

I’ve applied what I learned into in my full-time career my freelance work and run a successful shop selling creative assets, designs, and fonts.

My goal is to do work that matches my style and provides real value to my clients.

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I currently live and work London, all new projects are welcome. I’m currently available for hire, so I’d love to hear from you.