Roadhouse Blues font by simon stratford

955784 Roadhouse Blues font

Roadhouse Blues font is released today. I swore that it would be a while before I created a new script font, but here we are.

I won’t lie, creating a proper joined up script font is a total pain in the arse. It’s the kerning. As a result of every character being slightly different you have to kern every single glyph against each other.

Doing that takes so much time and a lot of effort. Roadhouse Blues was no exception but I did really enjoy creating it.

Inspired by America and my own hand

Roadhouse blues has a kind of early American style, due mainly to the decorative swashes and serifs. It was inspired by my own hand lettering experiments that I do on my Instagram account.

Take a closer look and let me know what you think.

Roadhouse Blues

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