So how did this all come about then?

Hello, It’s me Simon and I’m the brains behind this operation, scary huh?

I’m a web designer by trade but was lucky enough to work for a small branding agency. When I say lucky enough, what I actually meant was unlucky enough.

We did an awful lot of presentations and pitches, we were “a well-oiled machine”. When I say “a well-oiled machine” what I actually meant was we plucked out ideas and concepts like they literally grew on trees.

To be honest, it was a bit of a treadmill—what kept me there was the staff, absolutely awesome bunch of people.

I needed a creative outlet, where I could do what I wanted to do. That led me to, amongst other things typography.

Type is everywhere—I always had a fascination with it. Even at school, I did a stint at a sign writers, for ages I kept telling people, see that sign. I did that.

I thought creating fonts was an old, ancient, dark art. An exclusive old boys club, where you needed a Postgraduate to practice the mystic skills.

Wrong. Totally wrong.

Necessity is the mother of invention

I found a font. I wanted to use it. It was too expensive, damn it.

I had next to nothing as a budget, in fact, I had no budget.

That got me thinking, I could just create that font myself. So I did. A few days later I had my new typeface.

I called it Airbag, after a Radiohead song.

Several typefaces later I started this website, and that as they say, is how it all began.