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Vintage plastisol effects by simon stratford

Vintage plastisol cracked textures

Again this is not a font. Introducing my new vintage plastisol texture pack. It consists of just one photoshop psd file but is packed full of plastisol cracked ink textures.

The Photoshop file contains 20 real cracked ink texture presets, 10 additional background textures, 15 cracked plastisol brush presets and 5 edge distress actions.

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1229218 Drop it ink drip textures

1229218 Drop it ink drip textures

Drop it ink drip textures is not a font. It’s a pack of paint drips and drops that you can use over your hand drawn type.

Nothing more annoying that doing a hand drawn lettering design only to ruin it with a misplaced ink droplet—designer problems! Please tell me you’ve been there.

I created the Drop It pack to stop that happening. I wanted ink drops, but in a more controlled manner.

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whippin piccadilly font

Whippin Piccadilly font

I’ve only gone and designed another font. This little beast is called Whippin Piccadilly. It’s named after a song by Gomez. Love that band. Check them out, no seriously check them out.

You would think naming a font would be easy. Yea I did. Sometimes naming a font can be frustrating, you think about it too much and then it becomes an issue. Not with this one. It popped right into my head.

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