Gilly script font by Simon Stratford

Gilly script font a quirky handmade typeface

Gilly script font, my latest font designed on the iPad. I’ve almost given up drawing with a real pencil and paper. Almost everything I draw is done digitally, with the apple iPad and pencil.

Handmade Script font

I’m still saying its handmade, digital drawing is no different than real paper—it’s that good. The only difference is I’m not wasting paper and saving time on scanning everything in.

Gilly was inspired in part by hand drawn signage and old American western display fonts. It’s got a kind of quirky look about it, something that I seem to be a specialist at. I think my drawing style give it a nieve retro look, not sure if it’s on purpose or that I’m just not as good at drawing as I think I am.

I was trying to make it clean but have just the right amount of wobbly lines to give it a bit of character.

Anyway enough talk go take a look on my main website, see what you think.

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