Mind the gap font

Mind the gap stencil font just released download now

Mind the Gap is my latest font creation is out in the wild. Created with a very sharp scalpel and my own fair hands. Taping them down to paper and spraying them with black paint.

Inspired by the Tube

Inspired by the London tube. One day I was standing just behind the yellow line looking down at my feet. Half in autopilot, half dreading the hot tube that I was about to sit on for the next hour. Looking at those words that were etched in my conscious “Mind the Gap”.

The brain is a funny thing

Sometimes you ignore what’s around you. Sometimes your brain joins the dots and gives you an idea. You can choose to ignore that idea, or act on it.

My brain told me to create a font called Mind the gap. Go look at road markings and stencils it said.

So I did.

Born from frustration

A new font was born. When I say born, it was still hard work to create. Hand cutting all those stencils was a total ball ache. My index finger still hurts from the pressure of the knife.

I had to scan them all in. Convert them to outlines in illustrator and copy paste them into my font Glyphs App.

I scoured the web for subversive tube signs, messages and what not, to show off my new creation.

Go take a look, see what you think.

You can buy Mind the Gap in my font shop—or try it free.

Mind the Gap Font

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