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Hello Monday

Hello Monday font

Hello Monday is officially my third opentype-svg bitmap typeface. Yup it seems like bitmap fonts are starting to take off. I have some interesting fonts in the pipeline so watch this space.

The great strength of hello Monday is not the fact that it is colour (although that is cool).

It’s the transparency. With a traditional font it’s either black or not black. There are no levels of colour or transparency.

The transparency makes it look more realistic. You can overlay hello Monday over a picture and still see the picture shine through. You can tint the font to any colour you want in photoshop. You could use any layer to tint the typeface, gradients anything you can think of.

The only limitation (for me)of this typeface is the file size. In order to keep it to a manageable size I’ve left out a lot of glyphs. That annoys me. that I normally add as standard. That’s a bit of a bummer. It still has many alternative glyphs for the main a-z glyphs, but I have not included xyz

The typeface is properly cursive it’s a bit quirky and ever so slightly aggressive. Or to put it another way it has a lot of energy.

It would be perfect for posters, magazines, lettering, book covers, branding, quote posts for social media accounts and anything where you want that hand painted look and feel.

Included with the font is a small collection of hand painted patterns. Just very simple shapes that I painted for the preview images. They are not vectors but png files, use them in photoshop or whatever paint package you use.

Hello Monday font

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