Higgs Boson Blues font OpenType-SVG bitmap and standard vector font

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Higgs Boson Blues Font

Higgs Boson Blues font

If you are a lover of old vintage western fonts then you are going to love Higgs Boson Blues, its pure vintage magic. It has its roots in old American wood type—but with a more rustic simple style.

It’s been hand carved, and hand printed then converted into one of those brand new OpenType-SVG bitmap fonts (vector font is included).

Opentype-SVG Bitmap

It makes a big difference to how it looks, so much detail.

A bit like Donald Trump’s hairstyle its a thing of beauty, but leaves you wondering how it’s even possible. It won’t make America great again but will elevate your designs to another level.

Higgs Boson Blues font

It’s got more than a smell of those old wanted posters, its western, its steam power, its railroad, its saloon, its rodeo. It’s a gunsliger and yes it will challenge you to a duel at high noon—and it will kick your ass.

It’s bold and it has an impact. It also has a kind of gothic look of poster typefaces from the Wild West.

Higgs Boson Blues usage

Use it in large point sizes where you want that vintage look. Everything from beer branding, headlines and posters to t-shirts, book covers and packaging.

If you are after that authentic letterpress style, Higgs Boson Blues might be a match made in heaven.

Higgs Boson Blues font

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