Wild Irish Rose font

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Wild Irish Rose

Wild Irish Rose font

Wild Irish Rose brush script, intentionally painted very quickly without overthinking too much.

By hand painting it quickly it retains its energy so that it looks fresh as a daisy—allowing you to create beautiful handmade brush lettering.

Every letter has been hand painted with acrylic paint one because I get a kick out of making a mess and two its when the magic happens.

If this font were a celebrity, it would be more Sienna Miller than Bette Midler—but they are both fabulous, darling!

OpenType-SVG bitmap font

It has an incredible level of detail for a typeface. You get all the lovely inconsistencies that a brush brings including paint blemishes and weird marks. You can’t get that detail in a regular vector font.

And because it’s a full-colour font, and with the help of Photoshop, you can change the colour in a heartbeat. With the built-in transparency, its perfect for overlaying over images in any colour—and looks fantastic.

Font usage

The Wild Irish Rose font is versatile enough for a broad range of uses. Its trendy modern look would be excellent for fashion and beauty, branding work, book covers, magazines, logos, social media, presentations, wedding invites and anything where you want that authentic handmade feel.

Included with the font

OpenType-SVG bitmap typeface
One font weight
High-resolution PNG and PSD files
Uppercase & Lowercase glyphs
Punctuation & Numbers
Separators and standard symbols
Please note: The OpenType-SVG bitmap font only includes standard Latin character set.

Please read: OpenType-SVG

This new OpenType-SVG technology is incredible but has its limits.

This typeface will only work in Photoshop CC2017+, Illustrator CC2018+ and a handful of other native Mac apps.

The Windows operating system does not yet fully support OpenType-SVG bitmap fonts. You will not see the letters when you install the font on a PC, but they will still work in the latest version of Windows in Photoshop CC2017+ and Illustrator CC2018+.

Image backup’s

If your software is older than above spec or you want to print larger, you can still use the font.

Included in the download are high-resolution images for Photoshop and PNG images for other design apps.

Using the images, you will need to make your words and sentences manually. Sure that’s more work—but it’s worth it.

Wild Irish Rose font

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