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Yeah colour font

Yeah is a gold mylar foil balloon typeface. It’s big, It’s bold and it’s high-energy pop kitsch at it’s ironic best.

The best thing about it—it’s full colour. Full colour who thought that would ever be possible? It uses cutting-edge technology, otherwise known as OpenType-SVG to unlock a whole new world of colour. You can use it directly in Photoshop, Illustrator and other native OSx apps.

Each letter was modelled in 3d and made to look like a gold foil balloon or Mylar balloons, you know those balloons you have at parties.

The font has three styles—Gold, silver and black. The typeface would be perfect for birthday cards, baby showers, anniversaries, social messaging, weddings, Instagram and any other celebration you can think of.

The font is a unicase font, so it only contains uppercase characters. Yeah also includes numbers, basic punctuation and some symbols. For a full list of letters please check the last screenshot.

The Yeah font includes;

  • Full-colour font with 3 styles gold and silver and black (traditional black vector font)
  • Basic western uppercase letters
  • Basic Punctuation and symbols
  • Numbers
  • Full set of letters as .png files
  • Full set of letters as .psd files

Please note: OpenType-SVG is a new technology, it only became industry standard in 2016. At the moment colour bitmap fonts will only work on MacOs .

Illustrator CC 2018+ and Photoshop CC 2017+ officially support and display colour fonts. InDesign CC 2018 has got unofficial support. They will work with most Mac native apps like pages, keynote, TextEdit and Safari.

For PC users I have included all the letters as .png and .psd files so you can still use them for your designs.

Check what is supported at

Yeah font

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Simon Stratford

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