Take me to the river a handmade brush font by Simon Stratford

Take me to the river font created with a Chinese calligraphy brush and ink

Take me to the river, drop me in the water… My new font called Take me to the river has just been released over on my main website.

Take me to the river a handmade brush typeface

Inspired by handmade lettering

Inspired by all the great brush lettering I’ve been seeing and creating over at Instagram. I’ve been trying to master the art of handmade lettering, not as easy as you might think.

Created using a Chinese calligraphy brush and a large bottle of cheap Indian ink. While creating the font my entire floor space was filled with inky drawings—with me hunched on the floor trying to create that perfect glyph.

Trying to make it free flowing and natural is so difficult. I had to keep practicing the hand movement, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

I’m besotted with the marks that this little brush creates, lots of detail and lots of free-flowing lines.

Kerning Take me to the river

I’m so glad I’ve finally finished it. I can’t lie kerning this thing was a total nightmare. What with the hot weather in the Uk at the moment I thought I’d gone mad. So many alternatives and ligatures that all needed to be spaced against each other.

It’s enough to make even the most patient person loose their marbles. I can tell you I won’t be in a hurry to create another brush script in a while. I did enjoy my time creating the letters on paper but converting to a font is definitely a labour of love.

The font name

The font name comes from a track by Talking heads. It was originally written by Al Green but I think he took the words from an old Gospel song and kind of twisted them so it means something different.

It’s my favourite Talking Heads track—and I think it’s a great name for a font.

Feel free to read the whole story and check out my new font.

Take me to the River Font

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