Soda can mockup

Tin soda can mockup branding designs

Just released a new set of soda can mockups. The thing that makes these mockups different is that it combines real photography with photoshop 3d. This makes it far better than a standard smart object.

Photoshop 3d soda label

A standard cylindrical smart object will never genuinely look realistic on a soda can. It’s that bevel you get at the top of the can. No matter how hard you try, you will never get it looking right. Not while photoshop only has a distort option with only four editing points.

I’ve solved that by creating a 3d model of a can, but only for the label. It perfectly matches the real photograph. Not only that you can rotate your label 360 degrees, so you can have a proper full-length soda label and spin it round to get different views.

Talking of which this new image pack has five different soda can views, all at different angles.

Soda can mockup

Awesome soda can mockup for Photoshop

Branding mockups

These wonderfully designed soda can mockups are perfect for realistic branding, packaging and labelling presentations—Easily change the design, lighting effects and background.

It’s all contained in a well structured layered photoshop file, with a video tutorial on how to update the 3d smart objects.

Soda Can Mockup

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