Vintage plastisol effects by simon stratford

Vintage plastisol cracked textures

Again this is not a font. Introducing my new vintage plastisol texture pack. It consists of just one photoshop psd file but is packed full of plastisol cracked ink textures.

The Photoshop file contains 20 real cracked ink texture presets, 10 additional background textures, 15 cracked plastisol brush presets and 5 edge distress actions.

Real Plastisol Textures

All the ink textures were created by me at home using my little screen printing press with real white plastisol ink.

Using those handmade textures I have created a series of 20 layer presets. You just edit a smart object and paste in your design and you get instant cracked texture.

If you want to make your work even more unique then I have that covered.

Included is a set of 15 brush presets, so you can add additional grunge to your designs. Making the texture combinations almost limitless.

Vintage effect presets for photoshop

The layer mask presets range from subtle cracking to totally messed up cracked ink. Everything is smart object ready so that you just edit the smart object and drop your design.

It’s an easy to make your designs look aged, and give your work that vintage look and feel—it’s like vintage t-shirt heaven.

Anyone can transform a flat piece of artwork, into a textured masterpiece.

The Vintage Plastisol pack also includes

  • 15 brushes to add extra random texture
  • 10 additional background textures
  • 5 edge distressed actions
  • Ability to change background colour
  • Full instructions included
  • High resolution textures 4496 x 3150 at 300dpi
  • Nearly 1gb of texture goodness

You can see a very quick overview of the main plastisol textures

Vintage plastisol textures

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