whippin piccadilly font

Whippin Piccadilly font

I’ve only gone and designed another font. This little beast is called Whippin Piccadilly. It’s named after a song by Gomez. Love that band. Check them out, no seriously check them out.

You would think naming a font would be easy. Yea I did. Sometimes naming a font can be frustrating, you think about it too much and then it becomes an issue. Not with this one. It popped right into my head.

Introducing Whippin Piccadilly font

I created this font to help me create Instagram posts. I was hand painting all these quotes to fill the void that is my Instagram. When you see one of my posts you think okay, that is nice, prob took you 5 mins to create. Well it takes longer than you think, once you’ve done it, you have to scan it or take a picture and what not. Before you know it you have taken 1 hr to create a simple post.

Not that I’m complaining, I love creating. But in the words of Gomez “There’s not enough hours in a day”.

So I’ve done this font Whippin’ Piccadilly to help create the odd Instagram post here and there. To ultimately save me time.

Whippin Piccadilly contextual alternatives

It has 4 alternatives for each upper and lowercase glyphs. That gives it a real random look. I’m using OpenType contextual alternatives to switch out duplicate letters. So if you type ABBA you don’t get the same letters, it throws out an alternative letter for each glyph.

Free version

It has a limited free version that you can try, for, well, free. Well, for the price of a tweet. All you need to do is head over to my main site, scroll to the bottom and you will find the free version.

Just follow the link below.

Get Whippin Piccadilly

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